Identity theft can a have a devastating effect on a child’s life, from their ability to get a student loan or scholarship, to a job or credit card.

According to a 2012 study done by AllClearID Alert Network, our provider for identity protection services for children and a leader in the market, out of 27,000 potential child identity thefts there were 3,000 confirmed cases. That number reflects a 10.7% higher rate than the 0.3% rate of adult identity thefts in the same population.

How does AllClearID protect your children from identity thieves?

AllClear ID searches thousands of public databases (including all three national credit bureaus, criminal and bankruptcy records, utility service records and more) to determine if someone is using your child's Social Security number. If a problem is identified with credit, criminal, medical, or employment records, you are notified immediately via a secure phone call and a full-scale investigation is launched.

Features of this service includes:

  • Continuous, automatic credit monitoring
  • Prevents unauthorized credit inquires
  • Credit score protection
  • Theft insurance coverage and identity recovery assistance up to $1 million

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TDS Identity Protection, powered by AllClear ID, requires a 12-month commitment. $50 Early Termination Fee applies. TDS Identity Protection is subject to the AllClear ID Terms of service at

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