Why do I need a new modem?

You need a new modem because we are replacing our equipment to take advantage of the newest technologies that will allow us to deliver much faster speeds in the near future. The modem you have is not compatible with the new technology we will be using—it won’t be able to connect once we’ve upgraded our network.

Even if you are happy with your current service and don’t plan on upgrading when new speeds are made available, you will still see benefits by using the new modem. As soon as you install it, your home’s Wi-Fi network (and your experience with it) will improve, regardless of your Internet connection speed. The new modem works with our new network to optimize the signal and cancel out interference, so your Internet connection will be strong and stable.

What happens I don’t replace my modem?

If you don’t replace your modem, your TDS Internet service will eventually stop working. In addition, you could negatively impact the service of others in your area.

That’s because all of our Internet users need to connect with the correct type of modem in order for network improvements to be delivered to customers. Using old or incompatible modems will cause disruption, which could draw down speeds for everyone. So, for the greater good—connect your new modem as soon as you receive it.

When will I receive my modem?

TDS network improvements are happening in phases throughout the country. So, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when you’ll receive your modem. Here’s what we can tell you:

  1. A letter will be sent 1-2 weeks in advance of when your modem will be shipped.
  2. Your modem will be shipped via UPS and arrive in a brown, cardboard box.
  3. Most modems will be shipped to the same area at the same time. However, there are situations where two neighbors may be on separate sides of a service area. That means they would not get their modems at the same time.

Will the new modem cost more? Will my price increase?

The answer to this question depends on the type of modem you currently have. The new modem will be $9.00/mo. Some customers already pay this rate for their current modem. For others, this may be an increase. One thing is for sure: the new modem you’ll receive represents the latest in technology. And it will set you up for the future of your TDS service.

How do I install the new modem?

Installing your new modem is easy: you basically do a one for one transfer of cables and cords—from your existing modem to your new modem. Step-by-step instructions are included with your new modem or can be accessed here.

Can I provide my own modem?

You definitely can, although it’s not recommended. TDS wants to provide the best customer support and technical repair possible; and we can only do that with the modems we provide. With a TDS-provided modem, our technical experts will be able to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may encounter.

If you really want to provide your own, it will need to be a vectoring capable modem with the following DSL Protocol: G.DMT/ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2 8d and 17a, G.INP, bonding, and G.993.5(G.Vector). Its configuration and set up will be up to you. TDS technical repair will not be able to assist you. So again, we highly recommended that you use the one we’re sending. If you don’t use our modem, you will need to return it to TDS. For instructions on how to do that, call TDS customer care at 1-888-233-0065.

How will my Wi-Fi improve?

Your new modem uses the latest Wi-Fi standard (Wireless-AC), which allows for a faster wireless connection speed. It also operates on a different frequency band (5GHz), which is less susceptible to interference.

Why doesn’t the new modem have antennas? Will this affect my Wi-Fi signal?

Instead of external antennas, your new modem has fixed internal antennas. This is much better technology. In fact, your home Wi-Fi experience should greatly improve with the new modem—with better signal and greater reach.

When will I get faster speed?

TDS is upgrading its network in many communities across the country. Our entire upgrade project is expected to take 70 months. As result, there is no one specific date that we can provide to answer when faster speeds will be available specifically to you.

One thing’s for sure, though—getting your new modem is a sign that work is actively being done in your area. And, improvements are imminent.

Once you receive your new modem, install it. And then, watch your mailbox and email inbox for announcements from us when faster speeds are available to you.