TDS® is bringing faster speeds to more people

At TDS, we’re committed to enhancing the communities we serve. And we believe everyone deserves reliable access to high-quality Internet service.

That’s why we’re undertaking a major effort to expand and improve our broadband network so we can deliver faster Internet to more people – nearly 160,000 homes in 25 states.


New Modem Resources

To extend the benefits of our network improvements to customers, we’re mailing out new Internet modems. If you receive one, please install it immediately. It will improve your in-home Wi-Fi experience and prep you for the faster Internet speeds that are coming soon.

Faster Internet Matters

This multi-year improvement project will extend a stronger network into more areas, allowing TDS to provide faster Internet speeds to more people. That means:

  • Smoother streaming video and audio
  • Faster uploads and downloads
  • Easier data transfer and file-sharing
  • Less waiting on websites to load
  • More bandwidth for multiple connected users

For updates on the progress of our project, check out our blog.