The Our Heritage Employee Resource Group (ERG) promotes cultural competency by engaging multi-cultural employees and advocating on behalf of them, their families, and communities.

Our Heritage ERG works to shine a light on diversity and inclusion within TDS by:

  • Increasing the rate of multi-cultural new hires throughout the organization/ Help fill the funnel of diverse talent into the organization

Our Heritage helps fill the talent funnel by attending job fairs and using our own personal networks to recruit People of Color (PoC) to the organization. Our Heritage also helps retain PoC by implementing mentorship programs to help employees achieve higher goals.

  • Promoting cultural awareness

Our Heritage helps employees grow their understanding of different cultures and multi-cultural communities by providing opportunities to listen and learn from employees’ personal background and travels. This is accomplished by sponsoring and planning educational events like lunch-n-learns, where employees can volunteer to share information about their life experiences. Helping TDS build networks with local diverse organizations and groups.

Our Heritage is committed to helping TDS make inroads and bridge cross cultural divides with local communities of color by attending multi-cultural events, engaging existing or new markets where we offer our service and implementing annual training for TDS Employees.