2-Year Price Guarantee with Monthly Credit and Tablet for 1¢

Terms and Conditions

January 15, 2015 – February 28, 2017


This Promotional Agreement ("Agreement") is between you ("Customer") and TDS Telecommunications Corporation (“TDS Telecom”).

  1. Required Services - TDS Telephone and TDS High-Speed Internet (Express 5Mbps speed) or faster. Required services are collectively referred to herein as the "Bundle".  
  2. 2-Year Price Guarantee. Qualifying customers (listed below) will receive a price guarantee on select R1 or Star Phone service and high-speed Internet. Add-ons, premiums, equipment, taxes, and fees are not included.
  3. 2-Year Discount. Qualifying customers (listed below) will receive a monthly discount for 24 consecutive months. The following customers qualify:
  4. 1¢ Tablet Offer Qualifying customers (listed below) who agree to keep TDS service for two years (24 months) will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 for 1¢. Customer must allow up to 8 weeks for delivery of tablet after all services have been installed. Tablets are available while supplies last. TDS reserves the right to ship different brands, of like value, based on inventory.
    1. An existing TDS Telephone customer who adds qualifying TDS High-Speed Internet. 
    2. A new TDS customer adding qualifying TDS Phone and High-Speed Internet.
  5. Term. Customer must retain all services in the Bundle for a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive months from the date of service activation to receive the Tablet for 1¢. If customer cancels, terminates, or downgrades the bundle or any individual service that is part of the Bundle, Early Termination Fees (ETFs) will apply, monthly credits will discontinue, and price guarantee is void. If customer is disconnected for non-payment, ETFs will apply, monthly credits will discontinue, and price guarantee is void. 
  6. Early Termination Fees. The ETF for the Bundle is $200 regardless of the month Customer terminates the bundle, any individual service that makes up the bundle, or is disconnected for non-pay.
  7. Existing TDS High-Speed Internet Customers. Customers who currently subscribe to TDS High-Speed Internet service are not eligible for this promotion.
  8. Previous Bundle Promotion Customers. Customers who previously took advantage of a TDS Bundle promotion are not eligible for this promotion.
  9. Other Terms. This Agreement incorporates by reference all applicable agreements, tariffs and any other documents setting forth the rates, terms and conditions of each service in Customer’s Bundle.