NECA Concurrence Exception Check Sheets
Check Sheets
Cheek Sheets
Table of Contents
Users Guide
User's Guide Index
Subject Index
Section 1
Application of Tariff
Section 2
General Regulations
Section 3
Carrier Common Line Access Service
Section 4
End User Access Service
Section 5
Access Ordering
Section 6
Switched Access Service Sheets 054-125
Section 7
Special Access Service
Section 8
Digital Subscriber Line Access Service
Section 9
Directory Assistance Service
Section 10
Special Federal Government Access Service
Section 11
Special Facilities Routing of Access Services
Section 12
Specialized Service Arrangements
Section 13
Additional Engineering, Additional Labor and Miscellaneous
Section 14
Exception to Access Service Offerings
Section 15
Access Service Interfaces and Transmission Specifications
Section 16
Public Packet Data Network
Section 17 - 001-044
Rates and Charges Sheets 001-044
Section 17 - 045-197
Rates and Charges Sheets 045-197


For information regarding Interstate Access Services for: Butler, Peoples (AL), Arizona Telephone, Southwestern (AZ), Delta, Strasburg (CO), Quincy (FL), Blue Ridge, Camden, Nelson-Ball Ground, Quincy (GA), CCI, Tipton, Tri-County (IN), Leslie (KY), Somerset (ME), Arvig, Bridgewater, Mid-State (with the exceptions of KMP) (MN), Hollis, Kearsarge, Merrimack County, Union, Wilton (NH), OCSI (OK), Williston (SC), Concord, Tellico, Tennessee Telephone (TN), Amelia, Virginia Telephone (VA), Badger, Central State, Mid-Plains, Midway, Mt. Vernon, Riverside, Stockbridge, Utelco, Waunakee (WI), please view the JSI Interstate Access Tariff No. 1 for Terms and Conditions and Section 17 for Rates and Charges.

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