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Weekly tech news roundup image

Weekly tech news roundup

The NES Classic is going the way of the Dodo, but no worries—there's already a new retro console in the works for 2017. Also this week: a new way to organize your Instagram, Galaxy S8 reviews, Teslas at a bargain price, and some cheap wireless earbuds that just hit the market. All this (and a few more interesting bits) in this week's Tech News Roundup.
Free movies are bait for malware traps image

Free movies are bait for malware traps

Who doesn't love a bargain? But in the case of movie sharing sites, "free" could be anything but. Even one visit could infect your computer with malware that costs you in big way. And if you don't think it could happen to you, think again—the odds are not in your favor.
Free HBO and Cinemax preview weekend! image

Free HBO and Cinemax preview weekend!

It’s a free HBO and Cinemax preview weekend! Tune in April 21-24 (yes, you get a looooonngg weekend) and check out new episodes of Vice, The Leftovers, Veep, and Real Time with Bill Maher—and tons of awesome movies too. We've got the highlights of what you might want to watch.
Cheap Tunes Tuesday image

Cheap Tunes Tuesday

Jimmy Eat World caught their big break with the release of "Bleed American" in July of 2001. Working with a new producer, the music was much more radio friendly than past albums resulting in four Billboard singles. “The Middle” reached number one and supported the album which has sold nearly three million worldwide to date. While the pop side got a bit away from their punk roots, the pop-punk revolution was just beginning in the U.S., and Jimmy Eat World is largely considered one of the pioneers of the genre.